Where do we go from here? | Winter Mini-Lookbook


polo – Monki // culottes – & other stories // boots – Dr. Martens


Here it is. This is the last set of looks taken in Stockholm. After this, I have some serious re-thinking to do about this blog. I have a year of paper and thesis writing ahead of me and I still don’t particularly like to stage my outfits just for the sake of blogging. I think that makes for rather boring, unrealistic content, if I don’t pretend to wear tiny strappy heels with everything.

What to do? Where do I take this blog? Or: Where do I take my online content in general. I don’t think I’ll just shut up, I like to ramble way too much for that, but I need to change things up a bit. Also, I have a theme waiting to be implemented and I can’t realistically make the time to do it.


mod dolly dress

cardigan – Monki // dress – Mod Dolly // polo – Weekday

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