Video editing is hard…

Videos are mystery-content to me. Ever since I first painted my face according to some video promising me the “perfect smoky eye” (that was a thing back then and I wore it to school and probably looked like an idiot) I’ve wanted to make my own YouTube-video one day. I have tried this before, but since my last DSLR was too old to make videos I always ended up with footage that was so shitty in quality that I gave up after looking it halfway through. My new camera makes decent videos though, so I thought I would give this another shot.

Still, since I don’t own a Mac and consequently any of the software that comes with it, editing was a bitch. I tried a lot of programs that either didn’t have enough functions for what I wanted to do or so may functions, that I couldn’t operate them. That’s also the reason the footage is a bit old now, but hey ho. If anyone can recommend some good (and cheap!) video-editing-software out there, please let me know.

I didn’t want to do anything to complicated on my first try, so I decided on a follow-me-around kind of thing of a uni-day for me here in Stockholm. It’s still pretty representative, aside from the fact that it got even colder recently. But since my hair is all sorts of messed up at the moment and cannot be shown in public, at least it gives me an excuse to wear a hat at all times.


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