Uppsala, you pretty little thing.

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Uppsala won my heart in approximately 20 minutes. We had barely walked around a few corners, when we met this cute black cat that not only let me take about thirty pictures without walking off but was even willing to be petted by a cat-deprived German tourist. Yes, I pet random cats. It had a collar on ok? It also managed to lift my grumpy morning mood and open my eyes to this cute little city that reminded me so much of home. Uppsala is not only roughly the same size as Trier, it’s also full of old stuff and cobble stones.

We spent most of the day walking around the city, which can conveniently be done on foot only and managed to see the cathedral, parts of the university including the library (currently there’s an exhibition with historical depictions of human anatomy – freaky stuff) and the old town. All of the rest of the time was spent eating – fika has quickly become my favourite tradition ever.




Uppsala Outfit

Mantel – Made in England

Schal – Vero Moda

Pulli – Monki

Rock – Cooperative

Sneaker – Adidas


Uppsala by NIght

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