To Hell With It | Random Pictures from Kiruna, Lapland

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This blogs tagline isn’t “Mishaps of a Fashion Blogger” for nothing you know. I chose it because I’m inconsistent with this, I’m ranty and just a generally mood-swingy person. So, as you may have seen from my Instagram, I’ve been back in Germany for a little while now and as was to be expected I got a bit depressed about it. May also have to do with the fact that I had to move from my old flat straight away and into a smaller, more expensive one, which was not exactly fun. Or it may be connected to the fact that I’m hella broke and still have quite a lot to pay off. Uni hasn’t gotten cheaper, let’s just say. Right now I’m slowly trying to pick myself back up and blogging is just the right thing to do to get back some structure into my life. At least that’s the idea.

And so today I’m going to leave you with a list of things that I learned while in Kiruna Lapland, my last stop during this semester abroad.

  1. Cameras don’t like the cold and neither do phones. They won’t break as long as you get them out of the cold again but the battery will cut out quickly and suddenly and unfortunately my backup battery did the same. That’s one of the reasons I have so few pictures to show you from this trip. The others are not wanting to take my gloves of in the cold and just general laziness.
  2. Wear woollen socks. I cannot stress this enough. They have to be as woolly as possible and the have to be the base layer, though I you should wear a few more on top. Don’t wear cotton – take that advice from a cotton-lover – it gets cold when it’s damp. We bought some woollen ones in the Sami-shop and they are just about the warmest thing ever.
  3. The safari café in Kiruna has awesome fika, and you’ll need fika to get out of the cold from time to time. Give the Morotskaka a try, trust me. I’m not even a cake person and I would still recommend it.
  4. -40°C is pretty damn cold. You can survive, don’t worry, but it’s not fun to spend a lot of time outside when your nose hair freezes. Take breaks, get back inside and warm up. When it’s that cold, even a hotel made out of ice seems warm on the inside.
  5. Still, don’t panic too much. I made it through the cold and even had fun doing it. Lapland is definitely worth a trip.







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