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I’m a bit late in telling you this story, since it took place before Christmas but I figured it’s a lot more interesting than what I’ve been getting up to here and I have a few outfits left to post from my time in Stockholm. Right now I’m on writing break, which means I spent my days in my pyjamas in front of my laptop staring at my concepts and waiting for them to be approved by my professor so I don’t get into it in vain (Please e-mail back dude, I’m getting stressed out.) However, what I don’t do at the moment is getting dressed up, since I don’t even have a cat to show my outfits to right now.

Okay, back to the story. The new Mall of Scandinavia was opened on November 12 last year with a big party and music and fireworks and all that good stuff. I should know, because I was there but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of it being stuck in a crowd of super tall Swedish people. I should have taken this as a hint and given up, but I was trying to be a dedicated fashion blogger and going to an opening of a big-ass mall seemd like a legit thing to do. And so we started queuing.

the crowd

The “que” for the Mall of Scandinavia opening

The entrance of the mall has a mirror ceiling and so I was able to capture the “que”. You can go ahead and try to find me, I’m about as visible as Waldo. People just really, really wanted to see this mall, I guess. We spent about an hour getting shoved around and hoping that something – anything – would happen, but the only thing that happened eventually was the security people announcing that they were completely overwhelmed and that they wouldn’t let any more people in for at least an another hour. At this point we gave up and went to get coffee together instead.

All in all, the event is kind of symbolic for a lot of evenings I spent in Sweden going somewhere, queuing up, getting bored and frustrated and deciding to have food and coffee and chill instead. Since I’m not really into clubbing etc. I didn’t mind much, but we could have done that in the first place.


I went back to the Mall of Scandinavia a few weeks later with a friend, after the excitement had died down and it was actually quite cool. The mall is huge and fancy and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the general area.

mall of scandinavia opening



Coat: Weekday // Sweater: Weekday // Scarf: Fantasy Bokhadeln // Jeans: Noisy May // Shoes: Vagabond



ravenclaw scarf


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