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Cheap Monday Jenas


As Stockholm had been becoming gradually colder over the last few weeks, my collection of polo neck sweaters has been growing. Good think it’s getting warmer again right now. Wait. No. That is a lie. It’s Christmas-time, damnit, it’s supposed to be cold and cosy, and it had better snow soon or I swear to god I….
As much as I like to rant about the weather, when I have nothing substantial to say (read: “blah, blah, I wrote a paper and did not get out for over a week, blah blah”) on here, I do like my winters cold and preferably snowy. I mean I came to god damn Sweden; I feel kind of entitled to snow (No offense).

When we took this pictures however, I remember being very very cold in my new vintage jacket that I picked up at the Beyond Retro garage sale. One of the best thing about living in a big city is precisely stuff like that. You can find good sales and second hand shops and interesting stuff anywhere and all the time if you keep your eyes out. But alas, in two months I’m going back to the end of the world. Bummer.


Jacket beyond retro

Jacket – Beyond Retro // Poloneck – Weekday // Jeans – Cheap Monday // Boots – Bianco
Hipster beanie


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