The Mall of Scandinavia Incident | Outfit

mall of scandinavia opening

The new Mall of Scandinavia was opened on November 12 last year with a big party and music and fireworks and all that good stuff. I should know, because I was there but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of it being stuck in a crowd of super tall Swedish people. Continue Reading

To Hell With It | Random Pictures from Kiruna, Lapland

Right now I’m slowly trying to pick myself back up and blogging is just the right thing to do to get back some structure into my life. At least that’s the idea. And so today I’m going to leave you with a list of things that I learned while in Kiruna Lapland, my last stop during this semester abroad. Continue Reading

Shipping Up To… | Helsinki + Outfit

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki is a lovely town that seems to have even more coffee places than Stockholm if that is even possible. Or maybe I just noticed them more because they weren’t all Espresso House. Although I did see one Espresso House there – it was like a tiny, comforting, coffee-invasion. Continue Reading

2016’s First Look | Outfit

New Years is the weirdest thing. It’s all like “Quick, our random system of time-keeping dictates that you contemplate your life choices for the next 365 days right now.” And then everyone just goes right ahead and starts their precious new year of fresh starts and chances with a horrible hangover. Continue Reading

Travelling the North – Copenhagen


Es hat nicht geregnet als ich in Kopenhagen war. Glaubt man den Dänen, ist dass das regionale Äquivalent zu “schönes Wetter” im Herbst und Winter. Das Wetter, als ich in Kopenhagen war, war also schön. Trotzdem erfasst mich wie bei all den nördlichen Städten die ich im Moment sehe immer der Gedanke, dass ich dringend im Sommer wiederkommen sollte. Continue Reading