Somewhere in Between Here and Nowhere | Iceland (2/2)

a misty mountain

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We spent most of the next two days driving around the island and stopping to see some of its most impressive nature. We saw the Gullfoss waterfalls and the Geysir(s) and tried and gave up on taking adequate pictures. Now that I look at them, I see that they are stunning, but I think that’s mostly because I know how stunning the real thing was. Although, honestly, we really didn’t have the best weather. It was kind of dim and overcast most of the time and on the second and third day it rained and storms. Up at the Gullfoss it was hellishly cold and damp because of the spray and I’m still impressed that I even left the car. In hindsight I even think that in the bad weather the nature we saw made an even stronger impression on me, that sunshine ever would have. it drove home the strength of nature.

One thing I would recommend for seeing Iceland is to take it slow. What I loved the most during those few days was how calm I was and that I had left all the little worries in problems back in civilizations. I actually managed to push my looming deadlines completely out of my mind. We didn’t even stress very much when the remote on our car stopped working or when we realised that we wouldn’t manage to get up to the volcano. We kind of drifted along, which is probably my favourite kind of thing to do when travelling.

We spent the last day in Reykjavik, which is a curious little city that in a way seems like it is somehow between Europe and America. There were things there that distinctly came from either culture. There were a lot of KFCs, which I associate with America and shops full of Scandinavian design. It was really strange and I wonder if I’m the only one with that impression.

We didn’t go to the Blue Lagoon and went instead to one of the may baths in Reykjavik, which I am glad for. While it was not quite so spa-like we did get to sit in the (chlorine-free) warm pools and stare up at the stars (It was about 9 in the morning) and I don’t think I will ever forget going down a waterslide while it snowed around us. Ever.

Iceland, I think I’m coming back.



mystery person




quite pretty


road to no where


urban reykjavik


burton coat


street art reykjavik

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