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If you ever decide to go to Scandinavia, let me tell you that it’s perfectly possible to get around on a budget, as long as you don’t get sea-sick. It takes roughly 17 hours to take a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, most of which you can spend comfortably asleep in a little bunk bed. The entire round trip, which was two nights on board and one day in Helsinki cost me 35€. For two people. The trip to Tallinn I did back in October didn’t cost a lot more. Granted, the cabins are tiny and windowless (at least the cheap ones are) but they are no worse than the average hostel. I only recommend to bring your own food, the food on board is not very nice and a bit overpriced. Looking back, I kind of wish I had done all the Baltic states that way but he ho, there’s always next time.

Helsinki is a lovely town that seems to have even more coffee places than Stockholm if that is even possible. Or maybe I just noticed them more because they weren’t all Espresso House. Although I did see one Espresso House there – it was like a tiny, comforting, coffee-invasion. Unfortunately, we managed to get there on a Monday, the only day of the week where all the museums were closed and there were no tours either, so we mostly just walked around on our own. Helsinki has what they call a “Design District” of load of tiny shops selling amazing stuff and if I didn’t have to go back home to Germany soon I would have shopped my butt off. But alas, I’m already panicking about getting everything home. I definitely accumulated a respectable amount of junk, considering I was only here for five months.

Now excuse me, while I dream of taking a ferry home, where no one cares about what my luggage weighs and not the stupid plane.



Scarf – Monki // Coat – Weekday // Jacket – Urban Classics // Sweater – Weekday // Jeans – Cheap Monday // Boots – Dr. Martens

Helsinki Food City Outfit



Helsinki Cathedral


“Expecto Patronum”


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