Outfits är tillbaka


Ah yes. The hair. Let’s just pretend nothing happened ok? I’m trying to get back to a normal colour so I can grow it out, but going from bleached dead to brown isn’t as easy. I’m making progress though, except for this one bit, behind my right ear, which will. just. not. take. colour. Argh. Well at least it’s not too green.

Anyways, I found a way to start taking outfit pictures regularly here in Stockholm, so I’m back to doing what I like best about blogging: sharing outfits. It’s all thanks to @suzecato, who you should definitly stalk on Instagram, because she has big things planned. For now my outfit mission is combating all these “fall/autumn looks” that float around the internet and include ridiculous stuff like bare legs or sandals. No, we’re doing Stockholm autumn on this blog and it’s hella-fuc****-cold. So cold I suffer taking my coat of for more than two minutes when taking picture. The calm face, that’s all posing, in reality I was freezing my butt off.

Red Hair

Sweater – Monki

Tee – Monki

Jeans – Asos Farleigh

Sneakers – Vagabond Nikina

Bag – Pieces

Vagabond Nikita

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