(Not a Propper) Game-Review: Zelda: Skyward Sword

I would have never thought that my first “real” blog post would be a review, let alone a game-review. Actually I never ever thought that I would ever finish any game (well, aside from Pokémon), but now there is hope.

This is going to be about “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

First things first, let’s make this very clear: I am no gamer. I’m clueless about it. This is my first Zelda experience.
Though I always liked the concept of viedeo games, it sort of never worked out. You see, I just get really panicy when some monster comes up to me and tries to hack my head off. There is no way that I’m able to press all the right keys, in the right time, in the right order. Doesn’t work. But now there’s this game where I can pretend I’m holding a little sword and hack back without having to operate approximately 700 different keys on a little pad (thanks Nintendo!). Yes, there’s still combos but that’s no rocket science and I have all the time in the world to learn it, because I can still run around and swing my sword at stuff and it does something.
Admittedly I still struggle to kill the bosses (I’ve been told that’s what you call them… you know, the big scary ones at the end of the “dungeon” (I’ve been told that’s what you call the place with all the scary stuff and the riddles and puzzles)), but that’s what boyfriends are for, aren’t they? And maybe one day I’ll do it all by myself. …maybe.
The graphics are nice enough, I’m fussy about that. I’m a girl in that respect, I play no things which are ugly.

The story is cute, nothing bad to say about it but since I can’t really compare it to anything I’ll just shut up about it.
Say what you want but I love this game. Now I can become a nerd after all! Next I’ll play Twilight Princess.

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