My Favourite App

Ever since I had one of those fancy “smartphoes” (heads up: this is my first one ;)), I’ve been waiting for an app that would be really cool and amazing and you know, like a sci-fi movie, kind of futuristic. Unfortunatelly apps let me down. Now, of courste theres good ones, usefull ones and fun ones, but they never blew me away. Until recently, when is stumbled over this one:


I’ve never been into comic books before (I did read manga when I was younger though) but this app is addicting! The great thing is: there’s lots of stuff for free, so you can look into it before downloading your first issues and also, they are not very expensive. It’s also fast and easy to manage, though I am a little confued about the gernerals menu-navigation, I allways find what I’m looking for, only, I never seem to find it the same way as the time before. (But I could be imagining that…) And using the search function is a little challenging when just about everything is calles “incredible”, “ivincible”, “amazing”, yeah… the list goes on.

But seriously, what I enjoy most (and whats most important anyways) is actually the reading itself.You can zoom into each individuell planel and read the continuously and that a big thing for me. That keeps up the tension a lot better if your one of those people (like me) who tend to skim the page once to see is there’s action ahead. Can’t do that here. Makes stuff so much more exciting.
Also I read comics mostly on my tablet and I think it look really cool to switch from planel to planel. Futuristic you know. I’m so mature.

Anyways: Favourtite app ever. Give it a try! I’m reading X-Men Vol.3 at the moment (if that is the correct extression) and I’ve already spent quite some money on it…

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