Misty Mountain Wonderland | Iceland (1/2)


off to Iceland

Truth be told, I’m not actually a nature person. I’m particularly fond of hiking or staring into the distance. Or so I thought. 

Iceland is simply magical. It’s the way the air looks. I dunno, I mean just look at the damn pictures.

We flew to Iceland via Oslo and the early morning view out of the windows at the Norwegian Forest set the scene for the next few days. They were kind of odd, that’s the thing. The fact that something seemed a little bit off and unexpected is what I think made all that nature-gazing we did so surreal and mystical. It looked a little link someone had tinkered with the tone curve setting of reality. The impression stuck with me the entire time.

Iceland itself is wide and empty. Which was probably a good thing as right there on that airport parking space I had to drive and automatic for the first time in my life and that was not very graceful. Good think no one was around. I got the hand of it eventually and we were on out way, but I still don’t see the allure of not doing your own shifting. Especially since there’s all these rubbish settings like “Park” and “Sport” or whatever. We spent most of the day driving and staring out of the window mesmerized. I felt very “wild and free”-ish driving around. The first day didn’t have any clear objective except “get to hostel one”, and so we did not have to stress a lot and got there getting lost only once, because we drove way past it. Turn out the ways are not nearly as long as we had been expecting. We found out hostel, which was probably the only house for miles and had the first Christmassy dinner of the year. Considering the hostel was part of a cute little cattle farm, I think that burger I ate lived a very happy life. I went to bed that night very happy and calm and got more sleep than I did in months.


iceland collage 1

a mountain // our first rental car // the black beach

Hostel night 1 iceland

a very pretty dinner

some waterfall

not reality at all

other waterfall

me, being very dramatic

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