I haven’t posted in AGES! Damn you exams!!!
But now I’m done with that and I’m really motivated to post more. Actually I already took some new outfit pictures and I’ve been working on a post featuring my favourite braided hairstyles but the thing is:
I went back home to my parents house and I forgot my god damn camera cable so I can’t get my pictures onto my PC. I’ll have them up by wednesday I guess.

By the way do you know “Metropolis”?

It’s a silent film from the twenties and it really freaked me out. Normally I can’t stand old films, because I think the ones you get to see most are really one-dimensional and boring but that one is amazing.
If you consider the time that movie was made it’s stunning. The setting is gorgeous and the acting is, well, from our modern perspective it’s a bit creepy, but I think that made it even cooler to watch.
Give it a go if you like dystopian storries. And robots. Duh!
(The ending is a bit dull. Someone in the documentary said they made the director, Fritz Lang, change it to be more positive.)

Tell me if you thought the robot totally looked like C3PO in the beginning! I did! You stealin’ George Lucas?


  1. WAHWAHEAH ! sorry. but I always wanted to watch that movie but forgot what it was called! i solely remembered that robot that was transformed and there are so many movies on that. Gonna watch that now <3 thank you so much 🙂

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