Kitty Visit

Say hi Nala! 

We’ve got my boyfriends cat here to catsit right now. Aw, I miss having a cat around, they make everything so much more chill and cozy and purrrrrrry. I was trying to get her to take a photo with me but she’s an old ladycat and doesn’t like to be forced (little wuss!). Also exam-period is kicking in, wrote the first one today, two more to go.


 So this is what I wore to write my exam and go groceries shopping. Also I made that shoe mistake again (ha, did I realy think the aditional socks where going to to the trick?! But my Granny made them for me and I wanted to wear them. I have another pair, colorful ones, so cute! Thanks Nan) I’m currently waiting to recive my Creepers and sone other bits and bobs, should I do a haul? And how would I do that?

They are delaying the news because of some crappy, pathetic carneval-show thing. Damn you public television! Why am I paying 20€ a month if I have to wait for the f*****g news?

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