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maxi cardigan and flared pants

I had to cut off at least 5 centimetres off these jeans after I got them, as per usual. Thankfully, “raw edges” are a thing again these days and I could get away with it looking like it was meant to be this way. One of the things I miss most here in Stockholm is probably my sewing machine, it makes quite the difference in what I will and will not buy. At home I don’t mind too much if a pair of pants or a skirt is a bit too wide in the waist, but here I can’t just put in another elastic.

I cut off these jeans so they fall right to the soles of my shoes and I thought that would be it. What they don’t tell you about in all the lookbooks and collections about the flared trend though, is that as soon as you come near a puddle, they will soak from the back up and you will walk around with damp calves all day. In hindsight, I should have remembered that from my teenage years, when I would take of my jeans in the hallway because they were wet up to the knees. It’s a funny kind of fashion déjà-vu.


Outfit Stockholm Week 46

Bomber – Urban Classics // Sweater – Vintage // Cardigan – Monki // Jeans – Monki // Sneakers – Adidas Superstar // Tasche – Urban Outfitters


STHLM brunch



urban classics bomber




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