Didn’t Hurt

Well, ok, it did. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as the girl at the place where I got it done told me. She seriously freaked me out! “It’s the worst piercing ever, you’ll cry, your nose will swell….blahdiblahdiblah!!!” I was in there alone with her and a girl who just wanted her ears pierced (as in: normal earings) and they basically made me feel like I was a crazy person. I was scared sh**less, by the time i walked into the room they did the piercings in, but I hate backing out of things.
So when I lay on this chair, that reminded me of the dentists’,  shaking the actual piercer tells me “Yes, you’ll cry. It’s a reflex reaction to getting this particular spot pierced.” And I thought “Ok, the other things she told me… I’ll just assume that was rubbish as well.”
Apparently I was right. It wasn’t near she had made it sound. HA! But maybe that’s in her job description.
You can hardly see it in the picture. It’s tiny anyway. My boyfriend doesn’t like it. My parents hate it. I like it. Obviously <3.
EDIT: Boyfriend says he never said that. Swear that he did though!

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