The Mall of Scandinavia Incident | Outfit

mall of scandinavia opening

The new Mall of Scandinavia was opened on November 12 last year with a big party and music and fireworks and all that good stuff. I should know, because I was there but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of it being stuck in a crowd of super tall Swedish people. Continue Reading

To Hell With It | Random Pictures from Kiruna, Lapland

Right now I’m slowly trying to pick myself back up and blogging is just the right thing to do to get back some structure into my life. At least that’s the idea. And so today I’m going to leave you with a list of things that I learned while in Kiruna Lapland, my last stop during this semester abroad. Continue Reading

A Journey Long and … Hairy? 9 Lessons of Having 9 Hairstyles in Two Years

header hair story

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, it is time for me to glance back at my recent past … hairstyles. Ever since I got that undercut in mid 2014, my hair has been all over the place. I’ve taken the past two years to do some serious experimenting and it has been a lot of fun. On my journey from waist-length to pixie cut and some of the way back from there, I’ve learnt a few things (or at least I think so) and I want to share them today. Maybe they will help some of you who are thinking of risking “the cut”. Continue Reading

Der Sightseeing-Druck


Hier seht ihr ein Symbolbild dafür, wie sich meine ohnehin winzigen Semesterferien in Luft aufgelöst und Dingen Platz gemacht haben, für dich ich in den nächsten zwei Monaten eigentlich noch nicht bereit wäre. Texte lesen und so. Referate. Bäh. Auf… Continue Reading

Stockholm Minimalism | Outfit

Stockholm Header

Da stehen Sachen wie “Love is a delicate flower” – vorzugsweise mit Blumenprint – oder so was wie “the world is a beautiful butterfly” und ich kann nicht umhin es zu lesen, auch wenn die Großtante, die Shirts mit solchen Aufschriften vorzugsweise zu tragen scheint, über die Bedeutung vermutlich völlig im unklaren ist. Continue Reading