A Journey Long and … Hairy? 9 Lessons of Having 9 Hairstyles in Two Years

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Now that 2015 is coming to a close, it is time for me to glance back at my recent past … hairstyles. Ever since I got that undercut in mid 2014, my hair has been all over the place. I’ve taken the past two years to do some serious experimenting and it has been a lot of fun. On my journey from waist-length to pixie cut and some of the way back from there, I’ve learnt a few things (or at least I think so) and I want to share them today. Maybe they will help some of you who are thinking of risking “the cut”. Continue Reading

Zeitreise! Die Adidas Superstars | Outfit

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Aber dann saß ich im Auto, es war längst zu spät umzudrehen und an den Füßen hatte ich nur Latschen. Wie ich es geschafft habe in das vollgepackte Auto zu klettern, es mir bequem zu machen, meinen Walkman anzuschalten und Bibi Blocksberg zu hören, ohne zu bemerken, dass ich nicht mal Schuhe anhatte, weiß ich jetzt auch nicht mehr. Continue Reading