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Back in school, I used to be an obsessive reader. I loved to sit at the window in my room – particularly when it rained – and read all day (… all night). If a book really had my attention I would read non-stop, all through the night and then sleep away that weird empty feeling you get when you finish a book the next day. I wish I could do that again; not binge-read but read books in the first place but I don’t. Reading for pleasure isn’t particularly pleasurable if you’ve been reading for not-pleasure (a.k.a. university) all day and even if I haven’t been reading for uni all day I get a guilty conscience for reading when I should be working on papers. Heck, I feel guilty right now for typing this, knowing that I haven’t done a thing for my paper the last two days. Papers just don’t go away, you could always be improving them, but this isn’t a rant about papers. This is my temporary solution, after I’ve listened to just about every single audiobook available on German Spotify. It’s some of my favourite Podcasts at the moment, to listen to while cleaning the toilet or vacuuming or coding for research or doing my compelling copy-paste job.

1. Serial

Obviously. Still I feel like I need to mention it because journalistically, it means a lot to me. It’s proof that there are still innovative and compelling ways to do journalism that can be successful. I love how it shows complex human interaction that feels 100% real.

2. The Black Tapes

Heavily influenced by Serial but fictional. I’m desperately waiting for the new season. It’s like a horror movie but better and they manage to give you an experience where everything is embedded in the story without letting on that it’s not really real.

3. Philosophize This!

After struggling through an advertisement for the “home screen router” which I now know by heart, this is a Podcast about – as the name suggests – philosophy, which is a topic I’ve been wanting to get more into for ages. You will get intros and instructions to understanding a lot of significant philosophers and their ideas. I loved the episode on Buddhism especially but I’ve been struggling through Descartes for a while now and that one annoys me. It’s informative but for me it’s a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I wish he could put his very American cultural lens aside for a little while but I have learnt a lot.

4. Germany – Memories of a Nation (BBC)

Okay, so here’s a weird one for me. It’s a BBC podcast about Germany and as I am German it’s a really interesting perspective to take. Aside from the fun of all the cute mispronunciations (though the host is very good) it also talks about people, events and places that ‘all Germans know about’ or which are ‘in our collective consciousness’. I’m happy to announce that so far I’d say I know about 70% of them.

(For Germans and people who like to be informed:)

  • Das war der Tag (Deutschlandfunk)

Ich höre jeden Morgen die Sendung vom Vorabend an, während ich Kaffee trinke oder mich fertigmache. So bekomme ich mit was so los ist und muss mich nicht der Stille aussetzen. Die Sendung ist gut gemacht und detailliert und überraschend viele Dinge die ihr sonst so in den Nachrichten seht kommen aus erster Hand vom Deutschlandfunk. Unterschätzt ihn nicht.


I like to listen through Antenna Pod (App)!


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