All that Jazz about Primark?!

Recently a Primark opended in my area and everyone has been going crazy. See they’re very rare in Germany. So I thought WTF?! and I had to go see. From the outside it looked kinda boring. Fron the inside it reminded me of a gym, epspetially the floors. Other than that I don’t know what to make of it. Its really creap an I suppose I good for basics (I bought a lot of thights! 2€ and the choice was really good) but it was all a bit boring to look at. What wasn’t boring and looked kind of cool felt crappy instead, which was sad. They had these sheer blouses that I allways wanted and that look so cool in the youtube videos but when I touched them I knew that I wasn’t going to wear them. I just can’t stand that rough, plasticy feel, it’s itchy and makes me sweat.
Has anyone else experinced that?

I still bought some stuff, including a pair of brouques that were only 7€. I’m hoping that those are going to keep me from buying proper ones, even though I know that they are going to give me blisters. Cheap shoes always do, which is pretty unfortunate I think.

Leggins, a sheer shrit, broques, 3 pais of thights.

And this is what I wore that day. Yay for Powerwolf shirt!

Denim Jacket- (don’t remember, tore out the label)
Shirt- mighty Powerwolf tourshirt
Leggins & Skirt – H&M
Creepers- Demonia

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