A Journey Long and … Hairy? 9 Lessons of Having 9 Hairstyles in Two Years

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Now that 2015 is coming to a close, it is time for me to glance back at my recent past … hairstyles. Ever since I got that undercut in mid 2014, my hair has been all over the place. I’ve taken the past two years to do some serious experimenting and it has been a lot of fun. On my journey from waist-length to pixie cut and some of the way back from there, I’ve learnt a few things (or at least I think so) and I want to share them today. Maybe they will help some of you who are thinking of risking “the cut”.


the first cut


   1. Don’t dye your hair blue

Unless you intend to keep it blue for a long time or are willing to cut it all off. Blue sticks like hell, Directions Atlantic Blue in particular. I got the blue out of desperation, because violet wouldn’t stick and stick it did. While it was fun to go around claiming to be a super saiyan god super saiyan for a while, it became a bit to stressful to maintain and even more stressful to get rid of.

   2. Pixie cuts are hard to dress for

Unless you dress quite feminine or otherwise rather grungy, then I’d say go for it. While I really loved the cut and still think it suited me, it did look a bit weird with the cleaner, more monochrome outfits that I like at the moment. I think that was because the kind of pixie I had was more layered and didn’t have clear edges. Which brings me to the next point:

   3. I have a thing for symmetry on my head

I like crisp lines, middle partings and uniform colours. Don’t ask me why, I just do. I feel a lot better when I know where my hair is meant to go. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to straighten my hair or spend a lot of time styling it in general and a cut with clean lines makes it seem styled while it really isn’t. I don’t really know.


Hair Diary Pixie Cuts


   4. My hair is hard to bleach

And this new thing at the hairdressers (Olaplex or something) really works. I can now testify. I had my hair re-bleached with it and it felt even healthier than before. If you want something drastic, have it done that way.

   5. It’s just as hard to get rid of bleach blonde as it is to get it.

That’s the reason why I had to have that hideous pinkish red for a while. You can’t just dye hair back to brown straight from blonde, you have to put in red pigment first or your hair will go greenish. I still have some greenish bits hidden in mine, where the red didn’t take. No one must know.

   6. I have this weird thingy

And you probably do too. In my case I have these bit of hair in the back of my neck that form curls when my hair is long and just stick out weird when it is short. Whenever I have my hair short the back needs to be shaven otherwise I look like I have reverse antlers. The moral of the story is: Know how your hair grows out of your head.

bob and bangs in all colors


   7. No, it didn’t make me less feminine

Having my hair short didn’t make me feel any less feminine. In a way it made me feel almost more feminine because I felt so badass and empowered. The truth is (at least for me it is) that my hair has nothing to do with my femininity, because I know I am female (which is quite lucky I guess). Hair does not make it less true – unless I want it to. I did get mistaken for a boy once though, it was hilarious. A man told of his son for banging the door of the train compartment I was in repeatedly. I had gotten up to sit somewhere more quite because I wanted to read and he very sternly told the child “Stop that, Jeremy, your disturbing that boy.” Jeremy then proceeded to bang the door on this father’s hand. Tough luck.

   8. It really is just hair

And it really does grow back. Mine might even be a bit faster than average, which is not very practical when you are trying to have a cool pixie. Chopping of my hair has not altered my life very drastically and it has not made me another person. I did not go into depression for its loss or wear a hat for weeks (it’s much too windy in Stockholm for that).

   9. There isn’t one correct answer

The only thing I am fairly certain of after this journey, is that bangs are definitely not my thing. Though I liked how the mini-bangs looked while they were well … mini, bangs are just too much of a hassle for me. Other than that, I loved the clean look of the blunt cut, and how just badass the bowl cut made me fee. I also liked that the pixie could be both rough and elegant depending on how I dressed at the time. A lot of people apparently liked red on me, though I certainly didn’t, and a lot of people disliked the grey and I loved it. The thing is, you don’t have to stick with one thing, just because someone decides it suits you or because it has always worked. There could be another thing out there that works just as good or even better. And if it doesn’t, see number 8.


Currently I’m letting my hair grow back out to the blunt cut I had when I first chopped it off. For one thing I really want to be rid of the bangs, but mainly all the cutting any dying is ripping giant holes in my wallet. Bummer.

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  1. well, story of my life!! I am currently trying to grow out my pixie (of probably 3 different haircuts into one) and it is a pain to grow out. you get that weird ‘george washington’ phase and then the rest just pisses you off… i throughouly enjoyed this post!!

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