A Controversial Fashion Issue: Creepers

I remember that for some time while I was in elementary school, platform shoes were “the shit“. I don’t remember caring about trends at that age apart from flared trousers (which I completely switched to and one day told my best friend at the time how totally uncool she was for wearing straight legged jeans and that I couldn’t be seen with her anymore) and, well, the thing with the platforms. In my head I still see them, they were black and white lace-ups and according to my memory they must have been at least 10cm high. All though looking back now, from a more realistic point of view they probably were about 4-5cm maximum or my mum wouldn’t have let me get away with it. The results were catastrophic anyway (which I of course never admitted) and when that trend was over I swore myself that I would never hop on the platform-bandwagon ever again.
I’m pretty damn close to breaking that vow right now. And Creepers are the trend to blame this time.

(e.g these, by T.U.K., image via amazon)
In some way they are just rather ugly shoes. In another I kind of like them for that. They’re bold. A statement piece, quirky and fun. I guess I’d get some weird stares (since I don’t live in the most… ahm…fashion forward area) but I get them a lot anyways for my more unusual fashion choices. It’s fun wearing something unexpected and to style it well. Creepers would be a nice addition to that
Still, am I really ready for platforms again? Even though they’re not that high?
My “alternativish” side says yes.
My wallet says no (atm).
My brain says: “Wanna twist your ankle?”
We’ll see.

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