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Once upon a time, when I started blogging, I used to do it all in English. I’m not even sure why, probably just because all the blogs I read at the time were English, so maybe my brain just thought that was how it was supposed to be done. I don’t want to go look back at them now, they are probably cringe-worthy, but that’s what I did. During one early phase of blogging I even used to an English and a German version, because statistics said that my readers were either from Germany or the UK, but honestly that’s just too much work. I also ended up saying different things in each version because I thought a direct translation sounded stupid.

Now that I’m either in Stockholm or travelling I keep thinking that English would be a better language to talk about that kind of thing, just because probably a lot of people can relate to the Erasmus experience. So maybe I’ll start deciding on the language based on the type of post I’m doing that day.

tl;dr – I went to Tallinn a few weeks back! (For the OOTD scroll at the way down)

Taking the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn is very cheap. I think we payed around 35€ for the trip and that included a cabin – tiny but cute – with a bathroom, for the journey to Tallinn and back. Of course you spend more time on the ship than in the city – one way takes about 16 hours – but since you’re asleep for most of it, that’s fine.



Most of our time in the city was spent in the old town doing a very long but really interesting free tour (you know, the kind where you tip the tourguide at the end). The old town is pretty small, but then again Tallinn as a whole is not that big. Actually, Estonia itself is kind of tiny (about 1,3 million people). Unfortunaltelly, the weather didn’t play along and the cloudyness made it a bit less stunning than it could have been.

What I didn’t know was that during the middle ages, the Danish sold Estonia to the Germans or something, which ultimatetly resulted in there beeing a German minority in the country that became the ruling class. The day we were there, there was a traditional market in the city square that curiouly made me think like I was suddenly in the Austrian Alps or someting, judging from the displays of traditional singing and dancing that were going on.

Link any tiny country, Estonia has a hisorty of being shoved arround by the bigger powers arround it. While that is not a very nice thing to do to say the least, it has resulted in a very culturaly diverse past that makes Tallinn a fascinating city to visit. There are just so many influences on the architecture that make it incredbly interesing to look at. Let’s just hope everyone learned from the past, so we can enjoy it like this for a long time.

seeing talin





Jacket – Urban Renewal/ Made in England

Turtleneck – Monki

Dress – Monki 

Shoes – New Balance

day 2 outfit


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